10537437_713913721978987_8841265924055148412_nGil Parton

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100_2147 Dawson was changed to Lombard at two locations -  in 1909 and 1916

14233219_1085945398109149_4148252294003204639_nBales Thriftway at 8336 N Ivanhoe after fire in 1965


Bales Food originally opened in 1941 at 8402 N Lombard. Moved to 8336 N Ivanhoe January 1951 (Photo). Fire in 1965, Nov 15 1970 Bales leases to Daris (Dee) Taylor name changed to Taylor's Thriftway.


Odus Bales of Bales Thriftway July 1951


Interior of Currin's for Drugs 8438 N Lombard October 1963


12961536_989709391066084_549506861948308942_n12963373_989789534391403_7202650306722057382_nThis photo was taken in April of 1920. The James Arthur Hoes family lived at 7806 N Jersey, which was on the corner of Jersey and Tyler.  This view of the home was taken from Tyler St.  Mr Hoes had photography studios at three locations in St Johns over the years.  The first was across of the street from  James John School. Stack of wood on lawn is spare slabs of wood from the lumber mill used as firewood. Many home owners used this type of wood in their fireplaces prior to WWII.  


12993558_990631444307212_8678990824343590417_nPhoto of the Cochran Block and Central Hotel from Risa Davis. There is an article in the April 8, 2016 issue of the St Johns Review about the Central Hotel building and plans to rebuild it. The original Central Hotel was in the building called the Cochran Block which opened in November of 1904. The Cochran Block was three stories with shops and businesses on the street floor on Jersey (Lombard) and Philadelphia. The hotel was on the upper two stories.

12744401_958413457529011_2508948150834842339_nOld Ironsides under the St. Johns Bridge

12744364_956409741062716_7255429618405976392_nAerial of St Johns, year unknown. This was given out by Benj. Franklin Savings & Loan when they were in St Johns.

12717664_953570584679965_6156995947029530131_nFrom Richmond looking towards Charleston on Fessenden

12687804_951897401513950_9053000600188818366_nPortland Woolen Mills 1944

12662429_950416388328718_8277639317269101127_nAugust 19, 1938.   Looking N W on Fessenden from Six Point. Cassidy Grocery on right next is bank building. Old train tracks in center of road.

12650989_949980858372271_8018485288876636740_nMay 23, 1985.  Wayne Hatch of Currins for Drugs with Cornet store in background at Lombard and Leavitt. Gil admits he spent a lot of time in Cornet's as a kid, hanging out in the toy department.

12662618_949636965073327_4961228077937944325_nThe old B & R Drive-in at 8071 N Lombard Way became Zoz's Restaurant in 1982 and in this article from the June 9, 1983 St Johns Review shows plans to remodel the building.

12573975_947792408591116_6529919869689879089_n An earlier look at the B&R Drive in.  This photo from the St Johns Review in 1981. The article detailed the history of the B & R Drive In which is now the Kung Food.

26663_942718835765140_7627005646970492063_nThis is probably Gil's favorite aerial photo of St Johns. If you can see the blue circled buildings (good luck!), the first on the left is the old James John High School at Philadelphia and Syracuse, the second is the old St Johns City Hall at Burlington and Syracuse, the third is the old Central school which was in the present playground of the James John School at Lombard and Charleston and the fourth is the old French Block a group of business places on Lombard and Oswego. We're going to guess the date taken was in the mid to late 20's.

12647462_949117028458654_6322731544245243105_nMay,1979  - St Johns Parade and Carnival from a St Johns Review article


Michael Noce, long time resident of St Johns gives his views of changes being made to the town in an article from the September 1, 1977 issue of the St Johns Review. This was 39 years ago.

 12592654_948249721878718_7812355697834215017_nNot a good picture but this article from the November 9, 1978 St Johns Review shows the birth of Ivy Island.

12643005_947729005264123_8891866826829346161_nHere is man that Autzen stadium is named for. He is Thomas Autzen a St Johns business man. He went to what is now Oregon State University but named the stadium for his son who went to the University of Oregon. Thomas Autzen is in the front with his son Thomas Autzen, Jr in back to his left. Thomas was involved with Portland Manufacturing Co.

1935476_947694191934271_6987564666827162154_nLate Forties or very early Fifties.  Safeway where Plews is now. Photo taken in front of the old B & C department store on Lombard between Leavitt and John. Stores to the right of the Safeway are the Swanson Market and the Super Food Mart.

12644758_947035845333439_7547028014517982531_nNovember 1976 - The Oregonian. Barricades put up to check traffic flow as part of planning of the St Johns Plaza.

12565527_946742085362815_5990348163565163032_nI am trying to find descendants of this family who lived at 7229 N Willamette Blvd. near Burr. House, built in 1906, is still there. I have come across much family information and photos of this family. Andrew O. Gren born in 1852 was married to Catherine Kerby born in 1854. They had two daughters Mildred Gren born 1872 who married Edward P. Kendall and Martha C. Gren born 1880 who never married.

12565582_946305405406483_6182123054427335260_nThose guys are still up there building the bridge, or at least pretending to do so. This photo taken April 2,1931. This was 2 1/2 months before they officially opened it in June 1931.

13000318_992579434112413_376982619103119946_nThis is an article from the St Johns Review of February 22, 1979 about James John written by David Swart a long time resident of St Johns and writer of many articles for the St Johns Review.

12573682_945380495498974_3762318506547607683_nAerial view of St Johns Portland Lumber Mills. Wayne Smith photo.

12509744_945068858863471_5854157104056035827_n1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition. Street Car driven by Ira Basey of the Byars family of St Johns on ground.

12993633_994756623894694_6004064552964523537_nThe Lind family of St Johns were active in the Bachelor Club.  Halvor (Grit) Lind, Donald (Bat) Lind, Nooma Lind and Thomas (Scoot) Lind at a Bachelor's Club party in the 70's

12494882_944941808876176_8105458026144466480_nAerial picture of St Johns from a newspaper article in the late fifties showing City Hall in the center and Philadelphia and Ivanhoe as the main streets. A gas station sits where the furture Marvel building will be.

12508832_944634148906942_1876367833914326046_nSternwheeler "Laura Belle" going under the bridge in 1993. It was in the movie "Maverick".

12400569_943113665725657_4843673623195531237_nEarly St Johns Waterfront about 1910. Bottom left in picture is the St Johns Ferry, bottom right is the Claremont Tavern. On the waterfront of St Johns is the Gillen-Chambers Asbestos plant and beside it the Jobes Flour mill. The large white structure in the upper left is the St Johns Water Works tower.

12509219_940874482616242_8692929824483451387_nStarbucks building in the early sixties. Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan. Bob Hazen President of the bank lighting the streetlamp. photo came from Robin Smith.

10464257_940802052623485_4443312595737347592_nThis was the original post card photo from which there were many different copies made. The details are clearer here .This is looking from Burlington towards Alta. The date was 1908.

1439_939825029387854_2684920292727387390_n1920 Shaw Grocery located at Ivanhoe and Catlin.  In 1962 new building Bradleys and now B Mart. House next door still there 9511 N Ivanhoe built 1905.

1003601_938954176141606_720145691450315998_nI am posting this to show what N Lombard and Philadelphia, the heart of St. Johns, looked like in 1900 and again in 1965.

12508924_938928442810846_2863279444622065248_nThe year was 1976.

13086855_995907863779570_4018868008628533717_oStory from August 1982 St Johns Review about the Six-Point Inn

13063326_996314227072267_8223838091001608639_oLeona Tetzlaff

12991039_995307867172903_6213092334004827686_nDMSJ (Dead Memories St Johns) -  Remember Smitty's at St Louis and Lombard? Smitty's tavern article from the February 1, 1979 St Johns Review.

13006747_994959830541040_3066023632337130479_nFloat built by the Bachelor Club in 1922 won a blue ribbon in the Rose Festival Parade. Replica of the battleship Oregon. "Grit" Lind was the architect. It was covered with roses picked from the fence of the Portland Woolen Mills. The float is turning the corner at Philadelphia and Lombard which is now the north parking lot of the US Bank. The St Johns Grocery building in the background is on the corner of Leavitt and Lombard which is now the Children's Relief Center. Nine years later, in 1931, the Rose Festival floats would be going around the same corner going to the dedication of the St Johns Bridge.

12540836_941303832573307_6672272832746110738_nNational Cash Register building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Fair as it first looked after being relocated to St. Johns.  Photo taken in1906.  Members of the I.0.0.F. in front.

12507523_938355362868154_2622042259160145242_nGood day to leave your car at home and take the horse and buggy. Off to your left you see today the US Bank and the south parking lot. The building on the right was the old Couch and Co building, today the Marvel complex.


Schuman's Boulevard Grocery on S E corner of Willamette and Van Houton. Building was torn down many years ago.

940861_937465182957172_6574190405649673921_nMarch 1954 St Johns Review

Aug 06 1909 (3) H F Clark buys confectionary store from George SimmonsAugust 06, 1909

GW Simmons confectionary on left-1In August of 1909 H.F. Clark buys the confectionary store from G W Simmons. In the attached photo on the left you can see G W Simmons store. It is directly across the street from where Clark had his first furniture store.

934107_933661586670865_2056492537220840165_nThe man on top of city hall is Howard Galbraith "Mayor of St Johns" who is fixing the bell so it will ring again. Howard Galbraith is responsible for establishing Cathedral Park and championed City Hall's renovation.

1382927_933690086668015_8671886970345343567_nThis article was from the August 3, 1977 issue of the Oregonian.

946196_931903266846697_1918017159942456058_nCity of Portland Archives.

12003914_894967590540265_983882753498062827_nLate 60's photo from Robin Smith.  The gals are practicing for the parade in the north parking lot of the US Bank.  Rexall Drugs (now Pattie's Home Plate) and the Cornet store (now Children's Relief Nursery-Lifeworks in the background.

12000868_892922470744777_7700172141879603868_oOriginal St Johns Map dated July 20, 1865 by James John consisting of Eight Blocks. Borders of St Johns:  West - Burlington,  East - Richmond,  South - Albany,  North - Crawford.

13061918_999441020092921_402997142825198288_nDonna Lee's Antique Junktion located once upon a time at 8712 N Lombard, in the St Johns Theater building.  Photo from the 1978 St Johns Review.

13087308_997750543595302_6934437627225533813_nNovember 8, 1984 St Johns Review -The Lind Brothers of the Bachelor's Club. The Lion they mentioned also went up the stairs to the second floor of the Leo building at Lombard and Chicago.

 13076908_999549383415418_331924864624296070_nDonilu McGinnis owner of Lu Lu's 7325 N Alta in the St Johns Theater Building. From 1978 St Johns Review.
12391065_927970440573313_797909171889427015_nMayor Terry Schrunk, Roosevelt grad, with Robert J Ketrenos who ran a confectionery store across from James John, owned the Perch tavern ( his house was right behind the tavern), owned Teletronics Electronics which was on Lombard and Buchanan. Terry died March 4, 1975
Lewis Love residence about 1900.  Lewis Love established a Donation Land Claim of 636 acres bounded today by the Columbia Slough, Lombard St, Minnesota Ave. and NE 8th Ave. The Historic Columbian Cemetery was earlier named Love Cemetery as it is on his land claim.
12341569_927587573944933_2535909559077129440_nEarly black and white photo of John Mock home with a carriage out front.
12345394_927544503949240_312860676714432680_nOriginal 1931 clearence light containers from the St Johns Bridge. They are stored by the St Johns Heritage Association in the old City Hall.


July 13, 1978 -  St Johns sidewalk sale.

13100964_1001264789910544_6992152693478882227_nWhat Dad's (Central Hotel) was like January 1978 from the St Johns Review.

13087833_1001264786577211_453101123975768555_nJanuary 1978 - St. Johns Review

13138749_1000689526634737_3366162540543205559_nFrom April 1989 Oregonian, St Johns is the place to be in 1989

 Wayne and Velma Smith ~ Christmas past
12366464_926737260696631_4370089044729824624_nI found this photo of the old North (Sitton) school. This was when it was first built in 1907. You can see all the trees surrounding it. It was pretty remote back then and the roads were all mud in the Winter. The James John High School students used the upper floor while their new school was being built. The location was east from the present school across Reno between Hudson and Smith. This is now blacktop and used as a playground.
1890 School Children Methodist Church Crawford and JohnMethodist Church in background.  Crawford and John. Rebuilt, moved in 1904 to Leavitt and Syracuse.
Let's jump in the Delorean with Marty and go back 125 years to 1890 where we see children in the street at the bottom of John Ave. They are watching the traffic pile-up on highway 30 across the river.
12314093_925122630858094_2765679839349457097_nYou don't think kids had fun in 1916? In the mud hole under the (future) St Johns Bridge. On the ground to the right is John Douglas O'Neil an early St Johns businessman. From the St Johns Heritage Association Archives.
12346472_924697017567322_505720375925936759_nDr. Carlton Mast's new office, located just to the right of the library.
12308274_923262037710820_7076229850807661005_nLet's go back to 1982 and see what businesses were in St Johns. Not a complete list, this from the back of a calendar.
12341188_923249604378730_6233634628383681727_nThis is a photo from the St Johns Heritage Association. 1907 North (Sitton) School First Grade.This was the year the school was built. Not a lot of happy campers here. The school was across Reno on the east side from where the school is now in the empty lot between Hudson and Smith.
12299326_893993074011744_744236536847256690_nMy great grandparents old house at 8941 N.Central. This photo was probably taken 50 years ago.
12301757_922437367793287_7546387703634289047_nHere is the full picture of that the food cart photo of 1914 I posted earlier. This is looking west from Burlington and Jersey (Lombard) it gives you a good picture of what St Johns was like in 1914. This picture came from the St Johns Heritage Association.
11009202_858232190880472_8463718914482599744_nThe Oak Pit
11536131_853681154668909_2617946083748299298_nFrom Robin Smith. St Johns parade not sure of the year. Looking west on Burlington. In the middle right of the photo you can see the Enco service station sign which later became Our Daily Bread Restaurant, and now the Marvel.
20996_852866014750423_8134401469922049490_nSt Johns Heritage Association showcases in the old city hall, now traffic division, City of Portland. This photo from Robin Smith
11053088_852425641461127_4784106166376016484_nHere is another photo from Robin Smith of the 1996 Flood under the bridge.
1654821_852066328163725_2665053729980902296_oFlood of 1996 from Robin Smith.
11391787_850098528360505_1236774412850753627_nPhoto taken by Robin Smith of the St Johns Parade, not sure of the year. Corner of Leavitt and Lombard with the Cornet store on the NE corner and Currins Drugs on the SE corner.
11030534_843999358970422_3308402540760920926_nBefore the St. Johns Heritage Association had their own website there was this.
10479299_10153286292538711_8027622741840460473_nOld tracks on Lombard St.
12313702_922037941166563_1729280072609427097_nSt Johns had food carts in 1914. Food Cart on Jersey (Lombard) this is where the Thai Cottage is now. The two guys next to the pole are talking about how dirty the streets in St Johns are getting to be since they started letting food carts in here.
EDIT Original Peanut Vendor Dan's restaurantHave wheels will travel.  Located now across the street next to the utility pole, between St. Johns Hardware and Slims.
# Jersey looking west before 1925.jpgJersey looking west perhaps around 1915.  Another look at the peanut vendor.
12316354_921023824601308_1966661780258797033_n1930 B & C Department store (Bloomenthal & Caplan) 8426 N Jersey (Lombard)
12313984_919870731383284_649410658362991353_n1930 South side of Jersey (Lombard) between Richmond and Charleston. The building in the middle with the telephone logo was the telephone exchange in 1914. The building, built in 1910, is still there, although redone and is now home to Gun's and Ammo. The building on the far left was torn down and in 1968 a building was built that now is the the Fixn' To Bar.
12294634_918174668219557_7646485411845923770_nThe location of St. John's first Chevrolet Dealership.  Peninsula Motor Sales (June 1920 - December 1921) and Fields Motor Car Co. (December 1921 - November 1922).  Raymond F. Fisher took over in November 1922, later moving to a new building at Jersey and Richmond in 1929-1930.  
Two businesses I would like to get more info on and what year they were in St Johns: St Johns Sporting Goods 8409 N Lombard (Lombard and John) St Johns Bowl 8400 N Kellogg home of the Saturday Night Jack & Jill.
10996150_803210059716019_8481101576667546605_nThis is the old two-story Sitton School built in 1907. It originally was called the North School. This article came from the Oregonian of November 13, 1953. On the bottom left you can see the present Sitton School building. This gives you the perspective of where this building was.

10959311_801599093210449_6083456477034950074_nI am posting this to see if anyone recognizes anyone in the photo. This is the Eighth Grade class of 1953 of Sitton School. This building was built in 1949. The teacher is Mrs Floy Pepper. Other teachers were Mr Larson, Mr Fleming, Mr Keith Bannister, Mrs Wiabel, Mr Imes, Mrs Cutler, and the principal was Viola Harrington. These people would all be about Seventy-Five now.  Viola Harrington later become the principle at Kennedy School, retiring in 1964.  Miss Harrington would often say "what's fair for one is fair for all"


Blow Fly Inn -- This is information from Allan Toelle a decedent of one of the first St Johns Donation Land Claim holders William Gatton.  "Burton M. "Duce" Brooks inherited a service station and a tavern from Ross Gatton. The Blow Fly Inn 9101 N Swift Blvd was located across from the incinerator in the corner of the filbert orchard. In back of the tavern was a metals recycling lot and building where the dump pickers sold their daily treasure. I imagine that Ross Gatton also owned the section of filbert orchard to the rear" From the DMP site says that Ted Brausen owned it later.

12239540_913308042039553_42405573182470067_nThis is a photo of the Peninsula Tunnel that goes through Mocks Bottom. There is a website with all the details - http://peninsularrtunnel.blogspot.com/

10463864_904494496254241_4684618140691018265_nThere has been discussion of many old buildings being torn down. St Johns has many old historical buildings left. This St Johns photo of around 1915 looking west from Lombard and Burlington. First street on the left is Alma, where the St Johns Theater is now. The first building on the right is now Slim's Restaurant. Slim's and the four tallest buildings on the right are still standing and were built from 1906 to 1911.The building to the right of Slim's not shown was the old St Johns Hardware store and was built in 1898.

12141633_904130702957287_142997820505080334_nPhoto from Polk 1962 Portland directory

12106823_903769506326740_2572150694009292298_nFrom Robin Smith  - January 1980

12119156_903012813069076_3982263207421190283_n12072768_903039256399765_7413488751017343515_nMystery building from the St Johns review of December 4, 1914. This is what the Wilderness building at 8325 N Central looked like when it dedicated in Dec of 1914 as a Seventh Day Adventist Church.

12118779_902410146462676_3926895853577028865_nDecember 26, 1905 Oregonian article on the plans for the Portland & Seattle railway bridge and the Cut.

Aug 17 1978 St Johns Sporting Goods New owners Plews buildingAugust 17,1978 - St Johns Sporting Goods. New owners Plews building

13177574_1004965806207109_8490674064540848138_nApril 13,1978 St Johns Review. Don and Ethel McGill

12278656_916848711685486_3682895613213137232_nThis is a view of the side of the old H F Clark / Huk Lab building showing the original siding before they put on the plaster coating. They stripped off the coating before taking it down. One of the workers on the demolition team said the reason it came down wrong was because the building was so top heavy.

12096510_900141460022878_8667547707590903700_nWindow from John Mock's home on Willamette Blvd. From an article by Fred Leeson.The house originally had 18 art-glass windows produced by the notable Povey Brothers firm of Portland. Six remain.

12122414_898768286826862_7543193863200716279_nOriginal John Mock Home built in 1894 at 4333 N Willamette Blvd still standing. Photo from Fred Leeson (image courtesy Architectural Heritage Center). Go to the files section and download the Word file. It contains this photo and others and an article on the John Mock house by Fred Leeson is president of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation and its Architectural Heritage Center.

11219588_896760473694310_1573926270593264389_n1918 photo of the corner of Burlington and Ivanhoe looking east. On the right is the St Johns Hotel that was built in 1907 and now home to the St Johns Denture clinic and a bicycle shop on the corner.The building on the left was tore down for the south parking lot for US Bank.

12046728_896082287095462_7906710209260794494_nWilliam Gillmore home built 1910 -  9232 N Syracuse about 1918. Before cement sidewalks. House is still standing. John Franklin Gillmore also lived in this house. He had a real estate office in the building where Proper Eats is located in 1918.

Multnomah TheatreThey just repainted this store located next to Slim's at 8641 N Lombard. In the past this building was home to Goodwill, a bowling alley and when it was built in 1912 it was a motion picture theater called the Multnomah.  In this 1924 photo we see the ticket window.  Hugh McCreadie who was manager of the Multnomah built the Venetian Theater in 1925 across the street at Alma and Lombard. This is the St Johns Theater now and was also once called the Northgate.


St Johns was 150 years old in 2015.  James John had a portion of his land surveyed and platted into eight blocks on May 20, 1865.  This was named St Johns in his honor. St Johns had established city status.


Land was one mile along the river front and one-half mile up to the plateau. James John's 1st Addition to St John was made on July 30, 1870 and James John's 2nd Addition to St Johns was made September 15, 1876. This map of St Johns is from 1891.

12038138_891380267565664_4759435580152240546_nThe old Cornet store not sure of the date. Remodel for the Children's Relief building. Robin Smith (son of Wayne Smith, the barber) shot photo on Leavitt looking at the James John school. This building was originally built in 1941.

12003377_889749827728708_1324933136872404460_nJames John Ferry. First launch April 1907

11998987_888488377854853_121250856152535781_nFrom a June 2011 issue of the Oregonian about the 80th anniversary of the St. Johns bridge. In the top right of the picture you can see the old James John High School. The building just beyond it is the Couch and Co Store, which is now the Marvel building at Philadelphia and Ivanhoe.

11214184_888102047893486_926200347053316214_nGasco Building, not sure of the date, but notice the horse drawn wagon on the bottom left of the road.

10620648_886164318087259_8189972162667141504_n1950 from Don Nelson's book "The Pictorial History of St Johns" showing Lombard at Baltimore looking east. In the left side of photo is the old St Johns Garage, torn down in 1979 and is now the new building between Marie's and Jower's. Under the Gas sign is a sign called "Eats" this must be the Snack Shack mentioned by Sharon Helgerson.

11986558_884758494894508_6546293288558835903_nChimney Park when it still had a Chimney. St Johns Incinerator. In the top of the photo you can see the Gatton ranch. William Gatton was one of the original Donation Land Claim holders to file in St Johns. Off to the left you can see Terminal Four. In 1941 Union Carbide bought the ranch and tore it down along with the hillside it was on to build its Electro-Metalurgical plant.  The Blowfly Inn can be seen next to the large filbert tree orchard.

11987061_884346871602337_5594820059021010052_nRobin Smith Photo.This is the St Johns Garage being torn down in 1979. This is where the new building between Jower's and Marie's is now. It was an empty lot for 36 years.

11954702_883747741662250_7877841664244807638_nThis photo from Robin Smith.St John's parade, not sure of the year but buildings in background Idle Hour Tavern, now Anna Bannanas, Portland Rose, now Brekkens, Pat's Tavern now Bluebird Tavern.

11923569_883457751691249_1163669954090244270_nJust to the right of Jower's this building blends in well in with the character of the surrounding buildings.

13394087_1019545881415768_1971628892625027151_nA & W Drive In Grand Opening July 19, 1963.   7733 N Lombard from July 1963 St Johns Review.

13346583_1023793684324321_8314921557632467711_nThis Monday, June 13, 2016, will be the 85th anniversary of the opening of the St Johns Bridge. This photo shows the parade turning left from Jersey (Lombard) onto Philadelphia. The building on the right is now the North parking lot of the Peninsula US Bank. Montgomery Ward float is straight ahead.  Photo from the St Johns Heritage Association.

13428022_1023793904324299_6249834940808927331_nThis photo shows the parade passing the old City Hall on its way over the bridge. This photo came from the St Johns Heritage Association.

13321805_1015945188442504_3543689154212088043_nFrom the June 18, 1964 St Johns Review. Now the Rose City Taqueria 7007 N Fessenden.

St Johns Fruit Stand maybeHistory of 8602 N lombard Gain More Food Store 8602 N Lombard May 19661966 St Johns Review. It answers a lot of questions about who was in the Central Hotel building at 8602 N Lombard and when they took the top two stories off.  Believe first photo is the St Johns Fruit Stand mentioned in the article.  This is on the Philadelphia side of the building.

13413736_1027068777330145_7014731457239296489_nJune 13, 1931- St Johns Bridge Dedication.  We now see the Montgomery Ward Rose Festival float reaching the West side of the bridge. (From the St Johns Heritage Association).

13516457_1030503950319961_5238169913065115837_nRobert Kennedy St Johns Parade May 25, 1968, less then two weeks later assassinated: June 6, 1968, Los Angeles, CA from St Johns Review May 30, 1968. He was in town with Senator Eugene McCarthy, John Glenn, and Terry Baker.  See more photographs of RFK here.

13882605_1057803314256691_226337853871735240_nBefore Cathedral Park from May 1970 St Johns Review

Howard GalbraithFrom a booklet on the Columbia Slough

Dr D S Swart reelected commander American Legion post 98 Sep 1943September, 1943.  Post 98 would later purchase what had been the National Cash Register Building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition.

December 31, 1944 Population of war housing projects copyDecember 31, 1944 -  Population of war housing projects

 leroy crouchley buys building jul 9 1943 LeRoy Crouchley buys building July 9, 1943

13873086_1051412038229152_6187517641219905815_nWhat was showing at the St Johns Theater in July 1943

13724933_1047110431992646_490267932479206607_o1951 Aerial photo of St Johns showing Chimney Park in the upper right. This was when James and Weyerhaeuser streets were dirt roads. The large light area in the middle right is Sitton School playground.  Lombard is the street in the middle of the photo. The top middle is the Parkside Homes housing project.

13781954_1046587402044949_3115345262322692547_nApril 1952 St Johns at N Jersey (Lombard after 1960) and N Burlington showing the old Electric Trolley Bus This article from a 1952 St Johns Review. The Electric Trolley replaced the rail trolley in 1937.

Feb 6 1951 Gas Explosion at 8024 N Leavitt and Central (1)February 6, 1951, gas explosion destroyed a house at 8024 N Leavitt near Central. I remember this because when it happened I was in the sixth grade at Sitton. This was during the cold war and when it blew we could hear it while in class at Sitton.  We were told to get under our desks because we didn't know if the Russians had dropped a bomb. I remember going there after it happened.

13731491_1043516279018728_970504647593632109_n1912 Crouchley Plumbing Store. James Crouchley seated, Earl Crouchley next to stove at their original location at 8928 N Lombard. The other gentlemen are unidentified salesmen. Photo from St Johns Heritage Association.

13615351_1040882089282147_3326500340303690396_nCurrin's for Drugs 8438 N Lombard in 1961.

Originally established by Smith & Miner as the ‘North Bank Pharmacy’ at the French Block in 1906.  The first prescription sold for 25 cents. The French Block was a two-story brick building on the corner of Lombard and Oswego.  Clarence and Zula Currin purchased the store in 1909 and moved the location to a building near the corner of Jersey and Leavitt.  In 1917 they upgraded their store again, this time leasing the building on 7334 N Philadelphia Ave. Their final location was at 8438 N Lombard St.

The Currin family sold the drug store in October 1961 to Elise and Wayne Hatch, who kept the old name. By the 1980s competition from larger stores was causing a dwindling clientele. Currins became a Western Union certified location to drum up more business. After 91 years the pharmacy closed in 1997. Pay Less purchased the building and stock after it closed.

13659050_1039841676052855_7665281990060727280_nJanuary 1959 Oak Pit Barbecue in Fred Meyers 6878 N Lombard from St Johns Review

13592610_1036464716390551_2671752380040172347_n1908 St Johns looking towards the old city hall in the middle. On the right is the Central Hotel called the Cochran Block. The top two stories were taken down in 1939. The buildings on the left were torn down in 1954 and later for the Peninsula U S Bank. The white building to the left of the old city hall was the Rose City Hotel. Photo from the St Johns Heritage Association.

13566970_1035301119840244_6847558372070345590_nLombard looking West between John and Leavitt with old Cornet store on corner of Lombard and Leavitt May 1966.

13557722_1035319839838372_6146841985328967780_nLater, after the previous photo was taken, in May 1966 the Western Auto store had a fire.

13592585_1035320139838342_8638707105364145686_nSt Johns Sports Shop 8415 N Lombard May 1966

13592804_1034944959875860_3589991449268591589_nSnowstorm December 27,1984 across from the Man's Shop.  Photo found in St Johns Review.

13912433_1062637007106655_4215625081808160872_nThese stairs are on Smith Street just east of Sitton School. They led to the old two story Sitton School which was torn down in 1964. The school was built in 1907 and housed the James John High School class for two years till their school was built in 1910.

13935036_1059671070736582_6179071970389016740_nBack in 1971 there were people who wanted the St Johns Landfill closed because it was polluting the Columbia River and Slough. A few of the people decided to protest and set up a "Dumpstser Diner" in the dump to make their point.

13920874_1063965330307156_5720656425346205478_n1940 St Johns Incinerator, future Chimney Park. Bottom left of photo shows a grove of Filberts with the Blow Fly Inn in the top right of the Filbert grove.

14051797_1063161293720893_2263962410733364922_nI know I am posting a lot on the old Sitton School but I know there are a lot of people who went to this school. This is Sitton School 1950 showing the two story building on left with walkway to the portable building and auditorium on Smith to the right. This was my Fourth Grade Class.

13921209_1063108787059477_3457154477324588844_nI am posting this Sanborn Insurance Co map showing the location of the old two story Sitton school with the auditorium and the portable building on Smith street. In 1953 they added an additional portable on the Hudson Street side. A history of the two story building. Built in 1907 and used until 1940 when it was used for storage and condemned. In 1942 after the war started they needed school space for all the additional worker's children. They remodeled the school and was used until the school was torn down in 1965.

13938454_1064640063573016_8731479004155228712_nFirst class of Roosevelt High School 1908.

Class photo of the 9th Grade class 1908 of Central School which is now James John School. This class moved to the Upper floor of the North (Sitton) school in 1908 while the future James John High School was being built at Philadelphia and Syracuse. The class moved to the new James John High School in 1910. This was the first James John High School class. James John High School became Roosevelt H S when it was opened June 30 1922.


In the photo the person in the top row at the far right near the building is the teacher of the class, Gertrude Edna Bailey Couch. She married Fred Cornelius Couch son of Kindle Calvin Couch who was mayor of St Johns in 1907.

13511026_1034331629937193_7753234657934285582_nThe old Ah-Come-On-Inn was bought out by Rutherford's Triple X in October 1956 at 6300 N Lombard.  Now the location of New Seasons which replaced the University Grill and was before that McDonald's.

13524406_1031673506869672_2872942696737461277_nSt Johns streetcar accident on January 19, 1909 at Williams Ave and Cherry (McMillen).  Details below.

Jun 21 1956 Laura Minkler 1909 (2)

Another James Ross Gatton photo (circa1911) from the St Johns Heritage Association. Gatton family moving day in St Johns, with James Ross Gatton driving the wagon. Don Nelson used this photo in his book "A Pictorial History of St Johns".
13516477_1029317290438627_7482455789947948589_nPhoto of 1910 St Johns residents taken on the hill above Terminal Four. The person on the left is James Ross Gatton, grandson of William Gatton who was one of the original Donation Land holders of St Johns. 
James Ross Gatton was the original owner of the Blow Fly Inn on Columbia Blvd.
A little history lesson. In 1910 there were many of the Hindu faith working on the St Johns waterfront. The other workers staged a riot to drive out the Hindus and many were hurt. The photo with the name Dan on it is Dan Herrold who was arrested and charged with participating in these Hindu Riots.

13529207_1029930437043979_5978703314037386517_nHere is another photo of James Ross Gatton, taken at a different time but striking a similar pose.

Bing Crosby - I'm An Old Cowhand

14040172_1066073093429713_146143832265572345_nHistorical Happenings in St Johns. Top left photo shows a St Johns streetcar built on 1909, top right is a bunch of St Johns cowboys. This photo from 1905 was taken from where Ivy Island is now and you can see the old Central School in the background which was on the playground area of James John School at Lombard and Charleston. Bottom left one of the first electric vehicles used in St Johns. Bottom right is the 1918 St Johns Auto Electric at Lombard and Charleston which is now the Signal Pizza. This article from 1978 St Johns Review.
14117688_1070488349654854_3314480401879308885_nBob's Union Service 7227 N Philadelphia. Now the Marvel Building across from Burgerville. Our Daily Bread was built behind this later.
14102192_1073637052673317_1743133290854830913_nThis is a photo of Wayne Smith with his beard for the 1959 Centennial of Oregon beard contest. This is the 70th Anniversary of Wayne Smith doing business as a barber in St Johns. His shop is across the street from the St Johns Theater. Wayne turned 95 this year but still works four hours a day. He walks to work everyday from his home on Polk Ave.
13996308_1067707626599593_1093113406386426048_o14100265_1067707623266260_1684775903676066816_n1945 ad for Ray's Steak House at 8406 N Kellogg. On September 2, 1949 this became the St Johns Bowl. In 1917 it was the Chaney Moving Co. Ray Oeschger was the owner of the Steak House and the St Johns Bowl. Ray's Steak house opened August 19, 1944.
14141974_1080401035330252_75480211770377611_nC J Muck Grocery building in the John Street Cafe location 8338 N Lombard at John in the early twenties. He was in this building in 1912.

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