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1923 St Johns Baseball Team100_24551923 PWM Picnic

Annual Picnic of the Portland Woolen Mills

July 28, 1923

1926 PWM Baseball Team1928 PWM EmployeesSunset DivisionSunset Highway was named after the 116th Engineers

I bought my RangerCirca 1938

100_2453Circa 1913


Venetian 1928 cVenetian 1928 bFebruary, 1928

Dave Swart as James JohnSt. Johns parade May 10, 1986

Dave Swart as James John

Post 98 1957150px-AmerLegion_color_EmblemOfficers of St. Johns American Legion Post 98

November, 1957

May 1948 bMay 1948 fMay 1948 aMay 1948 cMay 1948 dMay 1948 eVanport Flood Damage At Portland Woolen Mills

Dorothy Ann 5 years oldDorothy Jay with George School In Background Circa 1930

Jersey & Polk 1941Gelene Hobbs and Mary Swart at Jersey & Polk 1941

James John Grade School 1James John Grade School

Mrs. Pagler

James John Grade School 2James John Grade School

Mrs. Randall

James John Grade School 3James John Grade School

Cleanor Haffner

James John Grade School 4James John Grade School

Doris Maplethorpe

James John Grade School 5James John Grade School

Jack Johnson


1948 Custom Country Club Chevrolet1948 Chevrolet with Custom Country Club Option

Air Raid WardenAngling1915Hunting 1915Sorting WoolPortland Woolen Mills

November 1, 1946November 1, 1946 bPortland Woolen Mills 1945100_2451Yarns 1Yarns 2Yarns 3Yarns 41945 War Bond Plaque


PWM Identification 2Orie Jay


PWM Identification

Chuck Hellman boxer Nov 1927 The Portland News He had a service station where the Signal Pizza is now.Click to Enlarge

Feb 1959 Centennnial Beard ContestFebruary 1959 Centennial Beard Contest

Feb 1959 Faculty of Roosevelt Centinnial BeardsFebruary 1959 Faculty of Roosevelt Centennial Beards

Gladys Naomi DicksonGladys Naomi Dickson wrote many articles about St Johns and was Chairman of the St Johns Heritage Association until her death in 1980.

September 29, 1922 St Johns Grocery 202 S Jersey-Cornet

September 29,1922 St Johns Grocery 202 S Jersey.  Future location of Cornet.
McCamey Motor Co 116 S Jersey Sep 1925September 1925.  Future location of Patties Home Plate Cafe.

Billy Murray - The Little Ford Rambled Right Along

A BUG is a vehicle that has been altered / modified.  Typically it has no fenders, perhaps assembled with parts from several vehicles.  The body might be hand made from the windshield back.  A Doodlebug is an automobile converted into a tractor.
A Roadster is a open vehicle (convertible) with seating for two.  A Touring is a open vehicle (convertible) with seating for four or more. 


Q: What goes on pages 4-5 of the Ford's user's manual?

A: The train & bus schedule.



Back in the twenties a lunatic escaped from the asylum and stole the first car he found - a Ford touring car. His first stop was the laundry nearby, where he somehow persuaded two employees to take a break and go for a high speed ride. Unfortunately, the Ford, the lunatic, and the laundrymen reached the grade crossing at the same time as the train.


When the police arrived, all they found was a nut and two washers.




The Model T, introduced in 1908, became the butt of jokes by comedians and competitors. Henry encouraged the practice. It is alleged he coined the statement "you can have any color as long as it is black." Before 1914 Model T's  came in various colors, but black was not one of them.  Then beginning around 1926 you could again purchase Model T's in a color other than black.


In spite of, or possibly because of, the torrent of jokes about the Model T and its peculiar design, Ford did not purchase any advertising between 1917 and 1925. Its peculiarities were numerous. The fuel tank was under the driver’s seat and employed gravity flow to the updraft carburetor. Depending on the steepness of a hill and fuel level, it was sometimes necessary to climb the hill in reverse. The driver’s seat had to be removed to add fuel or measure the fuel level with a wooden calibrated stick.  Gas stations often gave these out for free.


For many years the Model T came equipped with only the barest necessities. There was no speedometer, starter, temperature gauge, or bumpers.


In 1914, the Ford Motor Company opened an assembly and distribution plant in Portland – in a three-story brick building at 11th and S.E. Division. Finished cars could be stored on the roof. For the next twenty years the Ford Building provided employment for some 250 workers, where they assembled Model T and Model A's.


Ike, "Mike, how'd you ever manage to get rid of that danged old Ford?"
Mike, "Well, it weren't easy, Ike. First, we advertised it for sale and nobody'd buy it. Then, we advertised it for free and nobody'd take it. Finally we parked it around behind the house and moved away."



"Hey, I hear your friend bought a new car"
"What kind is it?"
"I don't remember, but it starts with 'P'".
"Aye, must be a Ford, the others start with gasoline!"


# Original High Res 1920 American Shoe Shop 110 S Jersey-St Johns Grocery 202 S Jersey.jpg1920 -  American Shoe Shop 110 S Jersey.  St Johns Grocery 202 S Jersey.  St Johns Grocery on the corner of Leavitt and Lombard (future Cornet site) two story house across Leavitt would be future Pattie's Home Plate Cafe location.

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