1923 Chevrolet~ Believe It or Not ~

Lewis Stone related in one of our Heritage meetings that Gilbert Overstreet
had kept a brand new 1923 Chevrolet radiator under his front porch. Gilbert
was a city plumbing inspector and like Lewis was somewhat of a pack rat.
If Gilbert saw something of value when he was out and about he would stop
and pick it up. Eventually that radiator was acquired by Lewis and proudly
displayed in his garage.

1923 Butterfly Six1923 Butterfly Six

Had Gilbert been able to collect all the parts for a 1923 Chevrolet it would have looked something
like the automobile pictured above. In the 1924 Harold Lloyd movie  Hot Water a Butterfly Six
(in real life a brand new 1923 Chevrolet Superior) get's taken for a first trial drive by it's new owner,
along with his relations, and somehow get's destroyed in the process.

Chevrolet Parts List

1923 Chevrolet Superior Radiator

Butterfly Six Steering Wheel

Butterfly Six Speedometer

Butterfly Six Steering Wheel II

Gilbert OverstreetGilbert & Bess Overstreet