Heritage Buildings IV

1932_exterior-view-of-portsmouth-cash-grocery-at-5303-n-lombard_a2008-001-19Circa 1932

14202761_1077702658933423_7723462040947210930_n14141531_1076354132401609_202582317320871579_nThen and now Portsmouth Cash Grocery 5308 N Lombard at Portsmouth August 1933, built in 1925. This photo from a 1933 St Johns Review.

1945-mar-31_n-lombard-st-and-n-portsmouth-ave-looking-northeast_a2005-001-377March 31,1945

14206109_1078903262146696_3320927423405214208_o14222266_1078903245480031_799652050755898383_nWillis Hardware & Furniture Co Lombard and Portsmouth advertisement July 1935 and as the building appears today.

14238353_1081545251882497_5775808432856712909_n14192075_1081545255215830_4359507116970739968_nCorner of N Fiske and Lombard. Old photo from Portland History and Memories site.

14368857_1093236170713405_2970709732565350895_nJuly 1924 McCamey Motor Company - Ford & Lincoln Automobiles, Fordson Tractors

the-mans-shop-patties-home-plate-8501-8511-n-lombardThe Mans Shop and Pattie's Home Plate Cafe 8501 - 8511 N. Lombard

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Historical Note:  After its construction St. Johns' eastern boundary became the physical barrier of The Cut.

12118779_902410146462676_3926895853577028865_nDecember 26, 1905 Oregonian article on the plans for the Portland & Seattle railway bridge and the Cut.    Click to Enlarge


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