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1950 Grabateria next to Peninsula BankCouch and Currier grocery store 108 S Jersey ( 8527 N Lombard ) as it looked in 1950.  Located behind the St Johns Drugs sign, the building was remodeled by Couch and Currier October 1922.  Their store was called the Grabateria.  Originally they had been located in the building where H F Clark had his first store at Alta and Jersey (Lombard).

Burgard and Reno sidewalk markerCorner of Reno and Lombard. Burgard changed to Lombard in 1960.

Portland Blvd sidewalk marker at StJohns and Smith 1911Portland Blvd. at Smith and St Johns Ave. Smith was named Portland Blvd. until 1912 when it was changed to Smith.

Welton Kibbe and Cochran sidewalk markerWilton Kibbe & Cochran were the contractors who installed the sidewalk in 1911. The name Cochran refers to the Cochran Brothers Thomas and Samuel. They built the Cochran Block with the Central Hotel in 1904. The Cochran Bros. were also contractors.

61S-SxJbcPL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Recommended Reading

 Venetian Theater Feb 14 1927 Idle Hour pool and tavern next door

Idle Hour pool and tavern next door.  Photo from Theatres of Portland.

Venetian Theater Interior 1925Photo from Theatres of Portland.

14238181_1078581838845505_3062171544062732314_n14233024_1078581835512172_2200655400576433080_nProgram from July 1934 Venetian Theater 8704 N Lombard. In 1936 it became the St Johns Theater.  A  copy of the February 1928 program can be seen on this page.


1885 St Johns photoClick to Enlarge

St Johns Shopping Mall proposal Jul 1968 (2)St Johns Shopping Mall proposal Jul 1968 (1)St Johns Shopping Mall proposal July 1968.

St Johns Shopping Mall proposal Jul 1968 (3)St Johns Shopping Mall proposal Jul 1968 (4)St Johns Shopping Mall proposal July 1968.


 Another James Ross Gatton photo (circa 1911) from the St Johns Heritage Association. Gatton family moving day in St Johns, with James Ross Gatton driving the wagon. Don Nelson used this photo in his book "A Pictorial History of St Johns".

Mike's Handy Candy Stand by Bonham and Currier Oct 1950Myron Mike Wilson Candy Stand in front of Bonham and Currier Feb 1950February 1950

Mar 12 1853 James John item on ferry across willametteMarch 12, 1853 James John establishes ferry service across Willamette


 13346735_1018925858144437_1063739324882875898_n Now home of The Man's Shop

Star Hotel on N Ivanhoe & Chicago burns down May 10 1940Circa 1932

Star Hotel Chicago and Ivanhoe burns downs May 10 1940Star Hotel Chicago and Ivanhoe burns downs May 10, 1940.


Community Motors 9011 N Jersey May 1941 (1)Community Motors 9011 N Jersey May 1941 (2)Located at Lombard and New York.  Today this is Super Burrito.

 Black Kat Confectionary 8638 N Jersey Opened Sep 1933

1936 everhart drugs and st johns theatreThis photo was taken in 1936. The Black Kat Confectionary 8638 N. Jersey Opened September 1933.

Pay 'N Takit expands to include 8501 along with 8511 N Jersey Jun 1932 St. Johns Review of June of 1932 showing the Pay 'N Takit store opening in the building and area adjacent to what is now the Man's Shop.

St Johns Hardware 8621 N Jersey Upper floor taken down in July 1933St Johns Hardware 8621 N Jersey.  Upper floor taken down in July 1933

13528708_1031277440242612_782987212014079670_nAnother great deal from The Furniture Man

Peninsula Recreation 8641 N Jersey Bowling beer and light lunch Oct 1935 (1)Peninsula Recreation 8641 N Jersey Bowling beer and light lunch Oct 1935 (2)Peninsula Recreation 8641 N Jersey Bowling beer and light lunch October 1935

# Jersey looking west before 1925.jpgMan walking in front of what was the Multnomah Theater,  which had been built in 1911.  Photo taken not too long after that judging from from the lack of traffic, the only vehicle in view being horse drawn.

Olaf Slim Skauge opens Slim's Lunch Room 8635 N Jersey Oct 1935Olaf "Slim" Skauge opens Slim's Lunch Room 8635 N Jersey October 1935

Telephone Exchangegartrell-7501-n-senecaWartime home at 7501 N Seneca in the Gartrell Project.


October, 1943.

bonham-and-currier-25th-anniversary-sep-1930-1bonham-and-currier-25th-anniversary-sep-1930-2Bonham and Currier 25th anniversary September 1930

st-johns-branch-star-car-216-n-jersey-may-1925Located inside the St. Johns Service Station at 216 - 218 N. Jersey.  May 1925. 

star-car-sales-315-n-jersey-opened-apr-1926There is a new dealer in town,  Wm. F. Gix takes over the Durant Star franchise.  Harbor Motors, a Ford dealership, would later operate from this same location.  Advertisement promoting their grand opening April 1926.  

star-badgeThe Star was an automobile marque that was "assembled" by the Durant Motors Company between 1922 and 1928. Also known as the Star Car, Star was envisioned as a competitor against the Ford Model T & Chevrolet.

Raymond Fisher sold the Durant in 1922.
Durant Motors attempted to be a full-line automobile producer of cars and fielded the Flint, Durant, and Star brands.  Durant Motors began in 1921 and folded in 1931.
Initially, Durant Motors enjoyed success based upon Billy Durant's track record at General Motors.  However, when sales failed to meet volumes sufficient to sustain Durant Motors holdings, the firm's financial footing began to slip. As a result, Durant Motors began losing market share and dealers.
peninsula-us-bank-jul-1923This picture of the Holbrook Block, built in 1906, was taken in 1923 and known then as the Peninsula National Bank.  This area is now the northern parking lot of U.S. National Bank. 

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