Currin's for Drugs


Originally established by Smith & Miner as the ‘North Bank Pharmacy’ in the French Block during 1906.  The first prescription sold for 25 cents. The French Block was a two-story brick building on the corner of Lombard and Oswego.  Clarence and Zula Currin purchased the store in 1909 and moved the location to a building near the corner of Jersey and Leavitt.  In 1917 they upgraded their store again, this time leasing the building on 106 W Philadelphia St. (7334 N Philadelphia Ave.) Their final location was at 8438 N Lombard St.

Two PharmaciesJust to the right of the street car is Currin's for Drugs.  St. Johns Pharmacy was in the Cochran Block, their sign can be seen on the right.  Photo from A Pictorial History of St. Johns.   Click to Enlarge

currins-for-drugs-klamath-falls-store-feb-1923Currin's for Drugs Klamath Falls store February 1923.

Currins 19311931 Advertisement


VINTAGE PORTLAND - Currin's for Drugs - 1932

Currin's for Drugs 7334 N Philadelphia May 1934Currin's for Drugs 7334 N Philadelphia May 1934

 Oct 1961 Currins for Drugs 8438 N Lombard sold to Wayne Hatch

The Currin family sold the drug store in October 1961 to Elise and Wayne Hatch, who kept the old name. By the 1980s competition from larger stores was causing a dwindling clientele. Currins became a Western Union certified location to drum up more business. After 91 years the pharmacy closed in 1997. Pay Less purchased the building and stock after it closed.

12650989_949980858372271_8018485288876636740_nMay 23, 1985.  Wayne Hatch of Currins for Drugs with Cornet store in background at Lombard and Leavitt.


St. Johns Pharmacy


St Johns Pharmacy (1)

Everhart Drug Store moving from 8635 N Jersey to 8622 N Jersey Jun 1934Everhart Drug Store moving from 8635 N Jersey to 8622 N Jersey June 1934. Opened at 8625 N Jersey 1925 .


The St Johns Pharmacy was the first drug store in St Johns. It opened in May of 1905 where the Slim's building is now. They later moved across the street next to what is now the Central Hotel building.

13707758_1042078569162499_1861303887336735881_nThis advertisement is from May 19, 1905 St Johns Review.


It is believed the St. Johns Pharmacy, owned by a Mr. Grite or Grice, was first located at 108 N. Jersey.  After a short time they moved across the street to 111 N. Jersey. Prior to 1931 St. Johns Pharmacy was purchased by Lee Witty.

12313702_922037941166563_1729280072609427097_nPhoto taken in 1914

Lee Witty 19311931 Advertisement


By 1931 Lee Witty had relocated to 116 S. Jersey.

1950 Grabateria next to Peninsula BankPhoto taken in 1950.  Note that Lee Witty's St. Johns Pharmacy is now known as St. John's Drugs.  Originally 116 S. Jersey it became 8501 N Jersey after the renumbering.


Everhart Drug Company

Everhart 1918

Everhart 19311931 Advertisement


Like the St. Johns Pharmacy Frank Everhart's Rexall Drugstore had started out in what is now the Slim's building, 108 N. Jersey, eventually moving to 111 N Jersey.  In time this was to become the location of St. Johns Booksellers.

1936 everhart drugs and st johns theatreEverhart Drug Company 1936

13781954_1046587402044949_3115345262322692547_nEverhart's Rexall Drugstore can be seen on the left in this April 1952 photo.


Glenn Davis became a partner in Frank Everhart's drugstore in 1933.  After Frank Everhart retired Glenn and his wife Marguerite took over complete ownership of the business. 


St. Johns Rexall Drug


Glenn Davis Druggist April 1952Glenn Davis April 1952

St Drugs Store Remodel Glenn Davis 8501 n Jersey May 17 1952 (1)St Johns Drugstore Remodel 8501 N. Jersey -  May 17, 1952


In 1952 Glenn Davis bought out Lee Witty's interest in St. Johns Drugs, closed his Everhart's Rexall Drug, moving the combined businesses into Witty's location at 8501 N. Lombard. 

Feb 1959 St Johns Rexall 8501 N Jersey staff Centinnial DaysFebruary 1959 St Johns Rexall

May 2 1985 Glenn Davis, Everhart Drug, Davis Dept store (1)May 2 1985 Glenn Davis, Everhart Drug, Davis Dept store (2)

The St Johns Rexall Drug store was purchased in 1976 by Ken Tehair, who in 1981 turned the business over to Jerry Rood. Ultimately the store was forced to close because of competition from major chain stores.

12003914_894967590540265_983882753498062827_n1960's photo from Robin Smith.  Rexall Drugs (now Pattie's Home Plate) and the Cornet store (now Children's Relief Nursery-Lifeworks in the background.

RexallSpecial thanks to Gil Parton for his tireless research into St. Johns history and Paul Jefferies for his very cool glass bottles photograph.