Bridge Postcard 1940St. Johns Suspension Bridge

Between the inception and the completion of the St. Johns Bridge spanned seven years. Funding was attained for the project when a Multnomah County bond issue of $4,250,000 for the construction of a bridge at St. Johns was approved by the voters at the Primary election in the Spring of 1928.

st-johns-selected-for-proposed-bridge-by-peninsula-bridge-committee-jul-1924July 1924


Residents of the Peninsula had previously supported southeast Portland in the building of their Ross Island Bridge. When it came time to vote on the St. Johns Bridge project they expressed their gratitude and graciously returned the favor.


This bridge served a different purpose than any other existing city bridge at the time. When a poll was taken of St. Johns residents regarding their future bridge's location it became apparent that they overwhelmingly desired a link to Linnton. It's purpose then was not to furnish a direct connection with the city center, but rather to connect and consolidate two outlying districts.


The first tests for suitable rock or hard sand foundations for the main piers were completed in January 1929. Work began on the bridge on September 3, 1929. It was dedicated on June 13, 1931.

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