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James John original plat 18521891 St Johns map (2)1891 St Johns map (1)

1900 Little Fred Evans and the wild ride (2)Click To Enlarge

Fred E Evans born Sep 25 1896 in St Johns Died 1970 drove his fathers locomotive alone a child.Click To Enlarge

Howard GalbraithHoward Galbraith

1961 400 DPI Aerial St Johns Owen Mossbarger (1)Photo by Owen Mossbarger - 1961

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Owen Mossbarger

Horse Teams used for building roads EDITHorse Teams used for building roads

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Original High Res Rose Festival (1)Original High Res Rose Festival (3)St. Johns Bridge Dedication -  June, 1931

Apr 22 1926 Thomas MonahanClick To Enlarge

May 2 1985 Glenn Davis, Everhart Drug, Davis Dept store (1)May 2 1985 Glenn Davis, Everhart Drug, Davis Dept store (2)Click To Enlarge

13669021_1125367874150579_1596875595966078234_nPaul Jefferies photo


Glenn Davis Druggist April 1952Glenn Davis Druggist April,1952

St Drugs Store Remodel Glenn Davis 8501 n Jersey May 17 1952 (1)St Johns Drug Store Remodel 8501 N. Jersey -  May 17, 1952

Oct 1961 Currins for Drugs 8438 N Lombard sold to Wayne HatchOctober 1961 Currins for Drugs 8438 N Lombard sold to Wayne Hatch


1911 St Johns and St Helens Volunteer Fire departments St Johns in white. Names on back (1)1911 - St. Johns and St. Helens Volunteer Fire Departments - St. Johns in white.

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100_2467Original aircraft warning lights from St. Johns Bridge

Scan0061The St. Johns Sentinel ~  2001 - 2010

100_1087Ormandy BrosJune, 1931

Scan0025Scan0028Scan0029Light House at the Junction of Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Scan0026Central School can be seen in upper right corner.
Scan0030Photo taken February 22, 1907. The working crew: Howard Gee, son, N.A. Gee, father, James Gee, son.

Scan0031Central School in background

Scan0027Scan0033"Old (homesteader's) cabin" on the Minor Tract, circa 1900.

Scan0034North Jersey street not far from the St. Johns Hardware store. Circa 1900 / 1902.

Scan0035Bickner's Department Store and Quick Lunch Store (burned down in 1905). Hazelwood is brand name of ice cream - not name of owner. Photo believed to show first "electric" trolley in St. Johns. Photo taken January 8, 1903. The John T Labbe collection.

Scan0036Bonham and Currier Building circa 1905 on North Jersey St. Note that the building is shared at this time with a confectionary / soft drink store and a billiard parlor. A transfer company is down the way on Burlington Ave. Photo courtesy of Katherine Bonham Oswald.

Scan0037Bonham and Currier Building circa 1908. First National Bank is to the right.

Scan00391911 St. Johns Parade. Percy Douglass is the owner / driver of this Glide automobile.

Scan0040Winford H. Ball's garage on Burlington Ave., across from St. Johns City Hall. Photo taken in 1912 based on licence plate of car. Note "Private Car - Keep Off" sign.

Scan0024Looking toward the St. Johns City Hall (on the left). A man is receiving a shoe shine just down the sidewalk, under the awning. Trolley tracks are in the foreground.

Scan0042100_1029Horse rings were once a common site in St. Johns.

100_1086Scan0078Store of K.C. Couch on Philadelphia Avenue at the corner of Ivanhoe Street circa 1906.

Couch and Co. store 01This was one of the first businesses in St Johns It was a combination grocery and furniture store.   206-208  Philadelphia was right across from City Hall and is now the Marvel building. The owner of this store was Kindle C Couch who was mayor of St Johns in 1907.

Howard Galbraith Jun 25 1953 found ancient relicJune 25, 1953 St. Johns Review

H F Clark 47th anniversary July 9 1953July 9, 1953 St. Johns Review

Jan 30 1931 City Hall, James John School plansJanuary 30, 1931

1965 Then and Now St Johns.Crop 01City Hall first built in 1903 between and Syracuse on Philadelphia (2)St. Johns first City Hall building, located between Syracuse and Philadelphia, was built in 1903.  It can be seen in the first photo to the left of the tree.

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Original OHS Dan Williamson RestaurantView from inside Dan Williamson's Restaurant

1905 St Johns looking east from Leavitt with Cental School in backgroundFeb 1906_Page_06 St Johns Hotel on Jersey street FireFebruary 1906

Mar 15 1907 (3) Jackson's Ad1913 JacksonsJackson's Confectionary as it appeared in 1913.   Located next to the St Johns Pharmacy it opened on March 16, 1907 which at that time it was in the Slim's building.  Most likely the pharmacy was at 108 N. Jersey and Jackson's at 106 N Jersey. 

St Johns Pharmacy (1)The pharmacy had moved across the street by 1928.  It is believed they were previously located at 108 N. Jersey.

13707758_1042078569162499_1861303887336735881_nThe St Johns Pharmacy was the first drug store in St Johns. It opened in May of 1905 where the Slim's building is now. They later moved across the street next to what is now the Central Hotel building. This ad is from May 19, 1905 St Johns Review.

Cornet Store 8425 N Jersey under construction Feb 1952Cornet Store 8425 N Jersey under construction February 1952

May 18, 1906, Undertaker and McClave FurnitureAd from the May 18, 1906 St Johns Review.  Dr S C Cook Undertaker in the same building as McClave's Furniture. H F Clark bought out McClave. This is the St Johns Theater block.

1951 Harbor Ford AdHarbor Motors advertisement from 1951.  How many of these did they sell?




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