Public Transportation

car 199 in front of St Johns HardwareMark Moore Collection.  Car 199 in front of St Johns Hardware.

car 195 in front of St Johns hardware.Mark Moore Collection.  Car 195 in front of St Johns Hardware.

Car 601 of St Johns  at Burlington and Jersey (Lombard)Mark Moore Collection.  Car 601 at Burlington and Jersey (Lombard). St. Johns Hardware in background.

Car 603 portland railway co.Mark Moore Collection.  Car 603 Portland Railway Co.

High res original St Johns Ferry Landing EDITSt Johns Ferry Landing

St Johns Ferry probably circa 1930 Hergerson enhancedSt Johns Ferry probably circa 1930.   Hergerson collection.

James John Ferry II14650323_1112367482133607_1097353491872656257_n1920 St Johns Ferry from Michael Long. Looking from west side of river. Shipbuilding yards can be seen with Portland Woolen Mills in the background at the foot of Baltimore.Top right of photo shows the Old City Hall and the white building being the Rose City Hotel.


Original High Res 1915 St Johns bus in front of A. McMillan Co.A clearer view.

St Johns bus on south side of lombard between Philadelphia and AltaSt Johns bus on south side of Lombard between Philadelphia and Alta.


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